Professor Gilbert Kalonde, a technology education instructor at Montana State University, went to his local Walmart to complete a simple task but received a major headache instead.

The Zambian native was utterly shocked when the Walmart employee managed to get his profession incorrect while renewing the license. Written on the license was "clean toilets" instead of his actual profession. Kalonde noticed the "mistake' and took it back to be corrected and to demand an apology. He did not get either. Walmart refused to apologize, according to The Billings Gazette.  

Even after showing the worker proof of his profession as a professor, "clean toilets" remained on the license for a year until it was ready to be renewed again. 

But Kalonde did not take this laying down. He sued Walmart for libel. The ACLU of Montana filed a discrimination suit on behalf of Kalonde in August 2016. Kalonde and Walmart reached a settlement causing both cases to be dismissed. 

Walmart eventually apologized for the mishap on Oct. 19, 2017, with a letter released this past Monday by the ACLU of Montana. In the brief statement, Walmart said the incident was unacceptable.

“The most sincere apologies are again extended to Professor Gilbert Kalonde and his family for the incident,” the letter says. “Walmart regrets the impact this may have had on Professor Kalonde and his family.”

The letter said Walmart “promptly reviewed the situation and took appropriate steps to help ensure that this would not happen again.”