A Shreveport, Louisiana, police officer has been placed on paid leave after video of him surfaced threatening and cursing at a teenager while responding to a loud music complaint.

According to The Shreveport Times, Gary Thomas was placed on leave pending an investigation by the Police Department’s internal affairs office. Police Chief Alan Crump called for the investigation on Sunday, May 6, because Thomas “is seen engaging a man in a manner not in line with departmental practices."

In the video, Thomas yelled and cursed at a young black man who continuously questioned the officer’s behavior and his choice to put his hands on him. 

"You're damn right I'll put my hands on you any f**king time I want to," Thomas yelled while holding a baton in one hand and the guy’s arm in another. "You f**king swing on me, mother f**ker, and I'll whip your f**king ass."

The young man asked his friend to record the exchange, and Thomas responded, "Record it. Record me whipping his ass."

The exchange continued with Thomas yelling “do not throw your hands up at me again” every time the man used hand gestures as he spoke.

An elderly woman told the young man he should have turned the music down, and he responded that he did nothing wrong and is aware of his rights. After that brief exchange, Thomas continued his tirade and forced the young man to get up from his chair.

"Get off this f**king porch right now," Thomas yelled. "If you don't get off this f**king porch. If you don't get up, I'm gonna make you get up."

As the man began to stand, Thomas and another officer grabbed him by his arms and pushed him onto the lawn.

"Don't shoot him," the elderly woman says.

"That's okay. Let him run," Thomas responds.

The woman repeated her statement, and Thomas said “he’s scared” as the video ends.

Thomas’ leave began on Monday. He has been on the force since 2010.

According to KTBS-TV, Thomas was arrested last year after a domestic dispute with his wife, who called the police after he would not let her leave their home. He was fired by the police department in August but was later reinstated, and the charges were dropped.

Check out the video below (trigger warning):