Ree Drummond shared sweet photos of her son Jamar Goff on Saturday. The Pioneer Woman wrote a thoughtful caption wishing her 21-year-old a happy birthday. In the caption, she also explained that she selected each shared photo of Goff to highlight his personality. Several of the images showcased Goff enjoying life and some alongside his two brothers, Bryce and Todd. 

“Today is October 7, otherwise known as Jamar’s birthday, and I hope these photos give you a little glimpse into his personality and his presence,” Drummond wrote on his birthday.

“With Jamar, there’s a whole universe going on in that mind and heart and soul of his. It’s a beautiful thing to behold. What will Jamar be doing in five years, I often imagine, as I do with all my kids. Where will he be in ten years, in twenty? I can’t wait to watch his future unfold. I know it will be filled with good things. I love you, Jamar!! ❤️🥳,” she added.

Drummond and her husband, Ladd, adopted Goff in 2018 according to People. Goff is their fifth child, but the family kept the fostering process under wraps until the release of Drummond’s book, Frontier Follies.

“Fostering a kid was never something Ladd and I pursued or felt called to do, but Jamar’s circumstances presented themselves to us in a way we couldn’t ignore,” she wrote. “Long story short, all six foot five inches of him showed up at our house one afternoon, bag in hand, ready to move in.”

The family had an emergency after their adopted son severely injured his foot. The accident quickly brought them together as a unit. Drummond told People that she and her husband were hands-on with the medical professionals helping save Goff’s foot.

“Jamar’s accident, while terrible, did wind up having an unexpected benefit for our newly modified family: It forced all of us to get pretty darn close, and fast,” she wrote.

“We were all up in Jamar’s business, and if there’d been any hesitation on any of our parts to interact and get comfortable with one another, his injury quickly knocked down those walls and gave us all a reason to come together. Jamar had to learn to trust us,” Drummond wrote.