A dynamic family of entrepreneurs has launched a Black-owned catering company, sharing a passion for food and business in the Charlotte, North Carolina, community.

Patrick Jones, the chief financial officer of Sweet Potato Jones, is a Queen City native. However, his wife, Carla, who serves as the company’s CEO, had reservations about moving to a new location, WSOC-TV reported.

“We came to visit his family, and he went on a job interview while here,” Carla said.

The Joneses eventually settled in Charlotte, where Patrick pursued a career in computer science, and Carla became a registered nurse.


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Patrick’s 40th birthday celebration inspired Carla to turn her hobby of party planning into a side hustle.

“And after that, everyone just kept coming to me and saying, Hey, can you do my party? Can you do my party?” she shared with WSOC.

After receiving numerous requests, the couple started their catering company, Sweet Potato Jones.

Food is a powerful catalyst for bringing people together, facilitating social interaction, cultural exchange, community building, and forging meaningful connections.

Amber Jones, head chef of Sweet Potato Jones, was inspired to create culinary experiences by witnessing the satisfaction others gained from different cuisines.

“You would see people get instant gratification from the food that they eat,” Amber said. “So that was what I saw that said I wanna give that same kind of experience through food to people.”

Patrick and Carla’s passion for food has inspired their children to follow suit. Amber pursues catering as a side venture, while her two siblings have joined the family business and own other businesses.

Patrick ‘PJ’ Jones II is the CEO of Applesauce and Crackers, a pajama clothing line, and Ryan Jones owns a braiding hair line called XclusiveLeigh.

The family’s dedication, innovation and teamwork have contributed to the ongoing success and growth of Sweet Potato Jones as a thriving catering company.

“The business has just gone through the roof beyond our ever imagination. And so we’re very grateful for that,” Carla said.