These days, T-Pain is about that transparency life. He recently gave us insight on Quincy Jones comments, regarding a song they collaborated on. Now, the rapper, singer and record producer invites us to his bedroom via Twitter–well sort of, kind of.

In a thread of tweets, T-Pain talked about his and wife Amber Najm's nightly routine which consists of — you'll never guess — cat gifs.

Photo: GIPHY Yes–cat gifs.

So, in a nutshell, that means T-Pain and his wife are basically some of us?! Many internet consumers must admit to being routinely sucked into a meme abyss, before looking up and wondering where their previously-planned, productive day has disappeared. 

Black Twitter came together and confirmed as much is true, and declared T-Pain and his wife #relationshipgoals:

Yeah, we can confidently say that this made our day.

Photo: GIPHY