Terry Crews revealed a sad truth about the aftermath of going public with his sexual assault accusation.

In 2017, Crews told the world he’d been sexually assaulted by movie executive Adam Venit. When he made the revelation, he thought the Black community would embrace him. Instead, he only received support from one side of the community, reports Page Six.

“To be honest with you, when it first happened, there was none for a long time,” Crews told Andy Cohen on Sunday. “The people who surprised me the most were Black women. Black men did not want any part of it. All my support came from Black women. Straight up.”

He was also ridiculed for sharing his experience.

“A lot of guys were just like, ‘Man, you weak. You sorry. You should have hit him. Knocked him out. You should have did all this stuff,” Crews continued. “Black women were like, ‘No, no. It doesn’t work like that.' I was shocked at the split within my own community.”

Rapper 50 Cent famously clowned Crews on Instagram for not retaliating.

"LOL what the f**k is going on out here man? Terry: I froze in fear... they would have had to take me to jail. Get the strap,” he captioned a meme of Crews plastered with the words "I got raped / My wife just watched."

The “In Da Club” rapper eventually deleted the post after he received deserved backlash.

Crews explained his reluctance to be violent during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing after Senator Dianne Feinstein asked why he didn’t attack Venit given he's a “big, powerful man.”

“Senator, as a Black man in America, you only have a few shots at success. You only have a few chances to make yourself a viable member of the community,” he responded.

“I’m from Flint, Michigan," the former Everybody Hates Chris actor said. "I have seen many, many young Black men who were provoked into violence, and they were in prison, or they were killed. And they’re not here.”

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