The Carmichael Show is no stranger to addressing issues about race. Far more than shows on major cable channels, it has pushed boundaries, with past episodes tackling Black Lives Matter and Cosbygate with a satirical undertone. Its third season premiere is shaping up to be no different.

According to Variety, the opening episode of the new season, scheduled to air Wednesday, May 31, will include unedited usage of the n-word.

Comedian, creator and actor Jerrod Carmichael says that the word will be included about "six times" during the half-hour long broadcast. The cast and crew stand firmly behind the decision as they feel its usage is appropriate for the message they're trying to convey. "'N-word' is childish … say it!” Carmichael proclaimed boldly this past Monday during a press conference. “We know what we’re talking about. We’re not speaking to children.”

Loretta Devine, who plays Carmichael's mother Cynthia in the series, shared her support for the script, citing classic shows that have also used the tricky six-letter word. Classics like Sanford and Son and All in the Family have shocked audiences by including the word, but Devine asserts those earlier cases differ from The Carmichael Show, as they were broadcast "before political correctness."

The acclaimed series has been on a roll with its content and we're excited to see what season three will bring to the table.