Euphoria fans are just now realizing that famed Hollywood hairstylist Kim Kimble is the head of the hair department on the popular HBO show. According to The Zoe Report, the second season has had the characters wear, as Kimble described, “soft dreamy waves.” According to Byrdie, Kimble also included a lot of fashionable elements into the styles shown on the series.

“We always bring a lot of editorial flavor and put it into TV,” she said. “We want to bring elements of fashion and glam into a show like Euphoria. But, the difference is that editorial is flat. When it comes to television, everything is in HD, we have to factor in lighting, and make sure we have nice colors, texture, and dimension. Otherwise, it will look like a blob of hair. It has to look great at every angle.”

“They all had their own unique qualities when it came to hair,” she continued when describing the character’s hair stories. “Rue [Zendaya] rocked the natural hair, and it looks so cool on her. For Maddy [Alexa Demie], we did a lot of baby hair and put so much detail into her cute buns and sweet hairstyles. Cassie went through a lot of changes to show her emotional state, and that was exciting to show her journey. Jules [Hunter Schafer] had the biggest transformation and that was fun to do. We did a ’90s textured bob on her.” She also said that many characters have “lots of textured waves. [W]e incorporated baby hairs, tendrils, and added braids into styles.”

Kimble also told PopSugar that Jules’ new bob was inspired by Kurt Cobain, saying that she and director Sam Levinson had conversations on how short Jules’ hair should be and what kind of color she should have.

“We wanted to give her lavender hair, but we didn’t end up doing the color,” she said. “The color didn’t make it, but the cut did.”

You can see more of her style process in this HBO video about Euphoria's third episode of its latest season.

Fans on TikTok and Twitter have been beside themselves with the news that Kimble has been the person styling the actors, with one TikToker showing how Kimble has styled Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, and other pop culture icons.

Others also showed examples of the hairstyles Kimble has created for the series. One commenter wrote in particular how Kimble shouldn't be referred to as "a Black hairstylist" when she does hair for all people.

As more people become aware of Kimble's hairstyling, her resume proves the point that set hairstylists should know how to excel at all types of hair, something many white set hairstylists aren't known for.

As more people become aware of Kimble’s hairstyling, her resume proves the point that set hairstylists should know how to excel at all types of hair, something many white set hairstylists aren’t known for. Many Black stars have publicly complained about white hairstylists making them feel uncomfortable. Euphoria star Storm Reid has been one of those actors most recently by discussing how she’s felt on other sets.

“It has been a struggle for me specifically on sets when it comes to the hair disparity and people not just knowing how to deal with Black hair,” she said to People as part of a sponsorship with Dark & Lovely. “And, in a way, it feels dehumanizing…when it’s the time for your hair to look nice and there’s nobody on set to be able to help you achieve that. They really just don’t understand Black hair care. It’s disheartening and it’s heartbreaking.”

Thankfully, Reid doesn’t have to worry about her hair in Kimble’s hands while on the set of Euphoria.