Kevin Hart threw out the first pitch in  Thursday's Chicago Cubs game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago's Wrigley Field, and even sang the classic baseball theme, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame," according to

When celebrities and presidents throw out a game's first pitch, everyone has something to say about their form and technique. Things were no different with the comedian's effort.

The pitch was … well, let's just say it had a lot of "Hart." Although he won't be going pro anytime soon, Hart still charmed the audience with his patented silly humor, incorporating fake baseball signals and everything. 


The MLB tweeted at the Rock to ask for his "thoughts" about pitch, perhaps hoping the wrestler-turned-actor would bring some of the banter he and Hart began during their press tour for Jumanji to the table. While Johnson didn't respond, another celebrity was more than happy to give Hart some feedback about his "slow a*s s**t:"

In typical Hart fashion, the popular comedian claimed he threw a 273mph fast ball:


— Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4real) September 13, 2018


Shout-out to that Night School, promo, though. Ladies and gentlemen, that's some major league promotion. 

Naturally, Hart's pitch got the roasting it deserved on Twitter, from fans and baseball pros, alike:


Not Rookie of the Year! They're about the same height, right? 


Still, other had some nice things to say:

Looks like you struck out at baseball, Kev, but hit a home run with hilarity. 

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