Once again, a white person is trying to discredit their racism based on their proximity to a Black person. Hillary Thornton made headlines when she dared to block D’Arreion Toles from entering his St. Louis apartment. After losing her job and experiencing the backlash that comes with being a bigot, she is saying there's no way that she's racist. She has a black friend husband.

According to Fox 2, Thornton is still legally married to a Black man although the two are currently separated. While she may be clinging to her estranged husband, Brandon Mueller, to save face, he makes it clear that he doesn't know her.

While those may not have been his exact words, he did take to Facebook to let us know that he doesn't mess with ol’ girl like that and has nothing to do with her latest shenanigans.

“I want to take the time to express my deep disappointment in the incident that took place in Mr. Toles’ home,” Mueller said in the video. "The individual in the video and I have been separated for over a year, and I, myself, no longer reside at the Elder Shirt Lofts building. As a man of color, I have spent most of my professional career teaching others the importance of diversity and inclusion."

By his use of the word "individual" rather than her actual name, it becomes pretty clear that Mueller has quite the disdain for Thornton. 

"My only hope is that as a community can do what my father taught me many years ago: To not ignorance to allow others’ ignorance to incite anger and hatred; but to use it as an opportunity to learn, grow and promote love," he concluded. 

Mueller only referred to himself as "a man of color." While that doesn't determine if he identifies as Black, let's hope Thornton isn't choosing his identity to save her behind.

Let this be a reminder that no matter how many Black men you sleep with or even marry, the racism always jumps out. 

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