This Educational Spin On 'In My Feelings' Is Cute And All But Folks Are Getting Creeped Out By This One Element

Kiki, can you help me -- with these HANDS?!

Photo Credit: Twitter

| August 22 2018,

8:51 pm

The lyrics to Drake's "In My Feelings" have inspired everyone and their mama (and their teacher!) to repurpose the line "Kiki, do you love me?" to fit a myriad of fun contexts!

Now the Kiki challenge has gone all the way to a school bulletin board promoting literacy and knowledge. Winning.

Except ... some people online had a tiny issue with the clever display.


Not the "strong hand" from Scary Movie 2!


We wish we knew how to quit y'all. 

Once folks got started in on Drake's hands in the display, an unspoken agreement was made to administer no chill:

Y'all, they even brought E.T. into the mix:

Really though, we know Drake got noticeable rap hands, but this ain't it, beloved.


And just in case you thought Twitter only had criticism about the hands, note some self-appointed music critics found fault with the bulletin board's flow as well:

You just read it again to the tune to "In My Feelings" didn't you? Yeah, us too. 



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