Rapper Travis Scott is being accused of transphobia after model Amanda Lepore was edited out of his album art.

On Tuesday, July 31, Scott posted the cover art for his forthcoming album, Astroworld, on his Instagram page. The cover art, shot by celebrity photographer David LaChapelle, features a group of mostly nude women suggestively posing in a carnival setting.

Astroworld 8/3 @david_lachapelle

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Lepore reposted a version of the picture that included her and pointed out the omission. In this version, Lepore is on the bottom left side of the photo bending over suggestively in front of a laser.

Others began to accuse Scott of being transphobic. 

Aquaria, a drag queen and most recent winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, went in on Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy. In case y'all forgot, one of Kylie's parents is Caitlyn Jenner.

Non-famous folks also weighed in.

LaChapelle spoke out in defense of Scott in the comment section of his Instagram page, reports Yahoo.

“Amanda was taken out because she just upstaged every one lol she is in my books and heart, and she knows the T,” he told one commenter.

At the end of the day, Miss Amanda ain't pressed. 

"A girl can't help it! I'm too distracting for the eyes! I upstaged everyone in the photograph!" she told TMZ

Scott has been silent, so far.

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