Kim Kardashian West's recent attempt to promote a pair of Yeezys was more awkward than two bumped heads after a missed kiss.

"Like butter"? Nah, we can't believe it. 

Of course, Twitter had to have fun with the awkward position Kardashian put herself in to try and ensure the shoes had a prominent spot in the shot.

They even had her on the Twister game board, y'all. TWISTER.

Not the shoot dance!! BRUH.

— light skin jesus (@BlvdeBrown) August 6, 2018

The Toy Story comparisons had us laid out like the toys when Andy enters the room:


"Andy's coming!"

— AngelTFC (@AngeITFC) August 6, 2018

Of course, other folks couldn't help pointing out the "cosmic timing" of Kardashian's post. These users presented evidence for the following hypothesis: every time Beyoncé does something major (this time, her newest Vogue cover), here comes an "impromptu" photo of Kim K. 

*Everyone talking about Rihanna and Beyoncé and their Vogue covers* 

Kim K: "Like butter."

— Quenchi (@MrQuenchiAdams) August 6, 2018

Kardashian West also recently posted a pic of her baby daughter, Chicago, and her son, Saint, perhaps to distract us from her sexy pose fail? Either way, they cute.

Oh, Kim. 

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