Two Fragile White Women Got A Black Journalist Fired Because She Shared An Article About Fragile White Women

Now, they didn't have to be THAT predictable.

Photo Credit: Facebook

| August 24 2018,

3:05 pm

Kansas City journalist Lisa Benson shared Ruby Hamad’s “How white women use strategic tears to silence women of colour” on Facebook, and her white coworkers proved the essay's point by getting her fired.

The firing was publicized when Hamad tweeted about it on Monday to garner support for Benson:

According to Hamad, Benson was fired from her job at KSHB-TV in May after two white female coworkers reported her to HR for sharing the article. The station allegedly said Benson "made broad, unfair characterizations of white women as a group based on their race and gender.”

Benson confirmed the news via Facebook in June:

At the time of her firing, Benson had a pending discrimination lawsuit against the station, according to The Kansas City Star. The lawsuit said Benson was assigned stories based on her race and sent to a Ku Klux Klansman’s home alone for an interview.

News director Carrie Hofmann denied Benson’s allegations.

“We can confirm that, in line with its contractual rights, KSHB did not renew Lisa Benson’s contract,” Hofmann said. “We cannot comment on pending litigation. We stand by our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workplace.”

Another black journalist, Demetrice “Dee” Jackson, also filed a lawsuit against the station for racial discrimination. Jackson, a sports journalist, said he was denied a job as sports director twice after the higher-ups had him convinced he'd get the position.

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