Nelly has been accussed of sexual assault by two more women, according to Vulture.

Back in October 2017, Nelly was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting Monique Greene on a tour bus. Now two women who are being referred to as "Jane Doe 1" and "Jane Doe 2" have come forward with new allegations.

Jane Doe 1 claims that Nelly grabbed her leg and groped her under her skirt in his VIP room, and Jane Doe 2 accused the musician of masturbating in front of her and also of forcing her to perform oral sex on his tour bus. 

The alleged incidents came to light this week because of an injunction filed by Greene that requests a judge legally demand that Nelly stop sexually assaulting women, period.

After accusing Nelly of rape last year, Greene dropped her criminal case against him, claiming that she did not “feel safe enough” to testify in court. Greene later sued Nelly for defamation and sexual assault instead, claiming that the artist "threatened" and "intimidated" her after she pressed charges.

In her new injunction, Greene cites the account of the anonymous women, arguing that their experiences show a pattern of behavior on the part of the artist.

The Daily Beast reports that Greene's lawyers have told police in England that there are actually "more than two" women that have approached Greene's team to share accusations of sexual assault against Nelly. The lawyers said that they currently do not have "permission" to make these additional stories public. 

Nelly denied all accusations of wrongdoing, and has said that he plans to take legal action against Greene.