Whiteness is a commodity in America, so it's no wonder the power structure put in place by white people for white people is protected fervently, despite moral values and otherwise common sense.

The idea of one human race is as utopian as it is obnoxious. Eradicating hunger and poverty is possible in this country, but it will never happen. Just like America evolving into one human race will never happen either.

Sexism makes it so white men are held accountable for centuries of racism in America, and that’s not fair, because white woman are equally culpable, but cloaked in the protection of their race first, and gender second.

53 percent of white women who voted, voted for Trump. White women largely voted against us, then asked us to join hands in solidarity for the social engineered flowery narrative of #MeToo and the Women’s March. 63 percent of those same women voted for Roy Moore in Alabama, then went home to their white husbands, who voted for him too.

Yes, race is a social construct, but it has been practiced for centuries in America, and ignoring it won’t make it go away. Ignoring it would mean we trust the hearts of our oppressors to do what’s right so everyone in this country can be equal. This is also as utopian as it is obnoxious. It also sounds ridiculous. Accountability is the only way to break bad behavior, and white women have never been held accountable for their crimes in the same way white men and black people have in this country.

Rebekah Mercer, hedge fund billionaire heiress, suggested Steve Bannon to take over the Trump campaign. Why was there no outcry? Something resonated in the message of protecting American borders from brown drug dealers, rapists and people who do bad things. It’s no surprise that this message resonated with the same group who historically used the same irrational fear to demonize and punish black men in America.

Call a spade a spade. The term “white women” is never used in the media because white women are white men’s trump card to maintain the status quo. Instead, you will hear the media shift blame to “white evangelicals,” “rural,” “southern” or “republican” people. You will see the likes of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon lambasted in the media, as they should be, but you won’t hear about their equally unethical white female co-conspirators. Instead, you see women who helped to engineer a power structure get handled with baby gloves and get treated as collateral damage.

Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump and Hope Hicks are three of the most powerful women at the White House — none of whom have any real influence on the men in charge. Instead, they each have powerful support roles in strengthening and reinforcing the Trump agenda.

Conway committed a crime by promoting Ivanka Trump’s products on television, a clear ethics violation in which she received a smack on the wrist. When Trump does or says something flagrantly foul, she doesn’t stand in her power and correct him. Instead, she asserts that he is the President and acts in his own interests, despite her position as one of his chief influencers.

Ivanka does the same thing. She presents a powerful, well put together woman, but when her father does something counterproductive to brown people or women’s interests, suddenly she lacks influence and hides in the cloak of white female privilege.

Hope Hicks chooses to date toxic men in the Trump administration while being part of the Trump administration, and people talk about her as though she is some sort of victim to the men she chooses to bed. She’s treated as a helpless child in the same country that justified the slaying of 12-year-old murder victim Tamir Rice. Hope Hicks is a grown woman, responsible for her own actions of which adultery and treason are her biggest offenses.

White women need to be held accountable for their part of social engineering in America and for the role they play in continuing to marginalize non-white groups, maintaining the status quo in their favor.

They are either with us or against us, and history has shown us time and time again that many white women aren’t for us.