Will Smith is turning his trials into triumph in his new rap song, “You Can Make It.”

Released Friday, Smith brings on Fridayy and the Sunday Service Choir (the same choir you may be familiar with due to their work with Kanye West) on his new song as he tells listeners to not give up in life, according to Complex. Smith gets into the nitty-girtty by saying that a harder journey means a bigger reward and how his own personal adversity regarding the Oscars has affected him.

“Believe me, they tried to bleed Will Smith,” he raps. “In the rearview, I see adversity was the gift. To lift me higher, gifts require faith. So dry your eyes and then you’ll find a way.” He goes onto say that the “madness” will eventually go away and that the “darkest of nights will turn into days.”

What song is Will Smith performing at the BET Awards?

Smith will perform his new song at the BET Awards this Sunday, marking Smith’s latest part of his plan at renewing his career. His career recently received a boost from the critical and financial success of Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Connie Orlando, EVP Specials, Music Programming & Music Strategy, said in a statement how BET is proud to have Smith perform his first rap song in decades.

“From his start as a rapper to The Fresh Prince to being a box office king as one of the Bad Boys, Will Smith is truly a global icon, and we are honored to welcome him back to grace the BET Awards stage,” she said. “We look forward to Will adding to yet another defining night for the culture that is not to be missed.”

Smith also just set a new big film project, the upcoming sci-f movie Resistor.