Born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman has become a multifaceted talent, leaving an undeniable mark on the worlds of acting, music, and advocacy. Her journey began when she entered the entertainment industry at a young age, eventually leading to her debut in the 2010 Disney Channel series, Shake It Up, where she portrayed the character of Rocky Blue. From there, she moved on to movies such as Zapped, Frenemies and Super Buddies, eventually ascending to more mainstream roles in HBO’s hit TV series, Euphoria, Spiderman No Way Home, Spiderman Far from Home, Malcolm And Marie and Dune, to name a few.

Beyond her achievements in the entertainment industry, Zendaya has also achieved recognition as a notable fashion icon. Anticipation surrounds her red carpet appearances as she seamlessly blends style, elegance, and a bold approach to fashion. Collaborating with leading designers, Zendaya has leveraged her influence to reshape prevailing beauty standards within the industry. Though her career has primarily explored the realms of acting, she has also tapped into the music scene. From the release of her self-titled debut album in 2013, featuring a mix of R&B and pop influences to her song “All For Us” featured in Euphoria, Zendaya’s talent speaks for itself. However, she did not do it all on her own.

A crucial element in Zendaya’s success is the loving support she receives from her parents, who are actively engaged in their daughter’s career, offering endless guidance and encouragement. Their attendance at award ceremonies and public events reflects a closely bonded family unit that places high value on each other’s achievements.

Zendaya’s parents have always remained a pivotal aspect of her life. Whether it was her parents’ backgrounds in education or having ties to the theatre industry, ahead is everything there is to know about the people who raised the legendary Zendaya.

Zendaya’s Parents

Zendaya’s parents are Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer. Coleman, her father, has African-American roots, and Stoermer, her mother, has German and Scottish ancestry.

Both her mother and father share the profession of teaching. Moreover, Zendaya went to elementary school where her mother spent two decades as an educator. She’s often expressed the pivotal role her mother played at the start of her acting career.

After eight years of marriage, Stoermer and Coleman separated in 2016. Although they have parted ways, the two still remain friends. As many have seen via red-carpet appearances, they’ve banded together behind Zendaya to support her no matter what.

Who Is Claire Stoermer?

Claire Stoermer was born in Oakland, California on March 24, 1964. She was raised by her parents, Phillip Stoermer and Daphne Whitelaw.

As an educator, Stoermer has taken great pride in spreading knowledge to her students, especially her daughter. In addition to her teaching role in Oakland, Zendaya’s mother also served as a house manager at the California Shakespeare Theatre in Orinda, California. Growing up in this theatrical environment afforded Zendaya an ideal foundation for her acting career. Eventually, she would take on a part-time role as a performer at the same theatre where her mother was employed. This only further fueled her passion for acting.

Determined to spread knowledge to her students, Zendaya’s mother instilled a genuine appreciation for the significance of education while raising her daughter. On numerous occasions, Zendaya has invited her mother to attend her award ceremonies, showcasing their close bond and shared appreciation for academic values.

Who Is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman?

Zendaya’s father, originally named Samuel Coleman, later embraced a new name as Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, reconnecting with his African heritage. Hailing from Arkansas, his parents were remarkably young when they wed at just 14 years old. Born in 1960, Coleman later adopted the name Kazembe Ajamu after a DNA test verified his African roots. His ancestral heritage shows that he is from Nigeria, Macedonia, and Iceland, and is a descendant of sharecroppers.

Kazembe transitioned from his former teaching role to become Zendaya’s current manager and advisor. He undeniably displays a strong protective instinct toward his daughter. Often accompanying Zendaya to events and functions, Coleman never fails to show his strong devotion to his daughter’s protection. He has five children from his first marriage: Annabella, Austin, Julien Katianna, and Kaylee. After his divorce, he entered into a relationship with Stoermer, who gave birth to their sole child, Zendaya, in 1996.

Zendaya’s Parents Rise Above

While Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Claire Stoermer may now be divorced, banding together to co-parent such a highly regarded force in the industry only goes the show the power that true love and intentional parenting hold. As their familial bond prevails, it’s easy to see why Zendaya has managed to become an undisputed cultural icon.