A city is only as good as the culture thrives within its parameters. They truly go hand-in-hand. Whether it's food, music, landmarks or social events, these cities have become defined by the intricate cultural pieces that bind the people together and give the city its juice. While this list is by no means definitive, it's hard to deny the impact the following items have had on their respective locations. They're recognizable. They're assorted. Above all, however, they give these cities their unique identity. Take a peek at ten of the biggest cultural staples in ten major black cities in the US.

Photo: Golden Globes Awards

1. Mambo Sauce, DC

Photo: Pinterest

Honorable Mention: Go-Go

2. Food Trucks, Austin

Photo: Pinterest

Honorable Mention: SXSW

3. SLABs (Slow, Low and Bangin'), Houston

Photo: The Houston Chronicle

Honorable Mention: Timmy Chan's and Frenchys Chicken

4. Hyphy Music, Bay Area

Photo: Street Art SF

5. Harold's Chicken, Chicago

Photo: Harold's Chicken and Ribs

Honorable Mention: Footwork

6. Strip Clubs, Atlanta

Photo: GA Followers

Honorable Mention: The Georgia Aquarium

7. Cheesesteaks, Philadelphia

Photo: Visit Philly

Honorable Mention: Roots Picnic

8. Bounce Music, New Orleans

Photo: The Washington Post

Honorable Mention: Po'Boys

9. Jacob's Restaurant, Harlem

Photo: Hecktictravels.com

Honorable Mention: The Harlem Shake

10. BBQ, Memphis

Photo: Move In 925

Honorable Mention: Beale Street Historic District