Ah, Thanksgiving.

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It's the one day of the year where we proudly push those detox teas to the back of the pantry and slide into the comfiest (and simultaneously fire) 'fits to celebrate family with gratitude. It's also a coveted time when we go crazy with all the sights, smells, and tastes that Thanksgiving offers. We anxiously wait for prayer to come to a close so we can pack our plates with traditional faves, welcoming the itis with every decadent forkful.

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This is truly what Andy Williams meant when he said, "It's the most wonderful time of the year."

In anticipation of Thursday, we compiled a list of the quintessential menu options at the family table, ranking them according to flavor, cook time, and overall likability amongst your kinfolk. Scroll down to take a gander!

Warning: drooling may ensue.

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15. Casserole

Cheesy Mushroom and Broccoli Casserole Photo: Food Network

Why we love it: Casserole a hodge-podge of flavor, unconventionally dripping with character and super clutch in the 11th hour.

Who's bringing it: Your uncle's new girlfriend who's aiming to impress the fam.

Recipe: Click here

14. Étouffée

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Why we love it: Rich Creole goodness in every bite, straight from the Gulf. A fresh take on the traditional Southern Thanksgiving experience and a pescatarian's dream.

Who's bringing it: Your fave cousins from the bayou, baby.

Recipe: Click here

13. Red Velvet Cake

Photo: Sunny Anderson

Why we love it: Excellence, opulence, decadence — deliciously layered for your liking. Easy to make, easy to consume.

Who's bringing it: Your fly auntie, dipped in her finest Michael Kors pieces and asymmetrical haircut.

Recipe: Click here

12. Pecan Pie

Why we love it: One of the most underrated desserts. Creamy and crunchy at the same damn time.

Who's bringing it: Your quizzical godparents who ask you about your academic and romantic life every year without hesitation.

Recipe: Click here

11. Meatballs

Photo: Cooking in Stilettos

Why we love it: Crockpot-friendly game-day essential; an effortless side that still goes over well with the folks due to its fail-safe popularity.

Who's bringing it: Your brother-in-law who would much rather watch the Dallas game than to spend time in the kitchen "catching up".

Recipe: Click here

10. Candied Yams

Photo: A Soulful Twist

Why we love it: The right amount of sweet and savory. Major key alert with the toasted marshmallows, crunchy pecans, and buttery brown sugar.

Who's bringing it: The matriarch of the family, in her best Sunday wig and her subtle shade levels on 10,000.

Recipe: Click here

9. Mashed Potatoes

Photo: The Kitchenista Diaries

Why we love it: Starch sapidity in every fluffy forkful; might look light but is heavy, though.

Who's Bringing It: You. Mashed potatoes are the only task the elders trust you with in the kitchen. You're banned from the family if you bring the instant kind.

Recipe: Click here

8. Honey-Glazed Ham

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Why we love it: Sugary swine crafted to perfection.

Who's bringing it: Your significant other. Showing up empty-handed and empty/bellied will result in nothing but side-eye.

Recipe: Click here

7. Sock-It-To-Me Cake

Photo: ABC News

Why we love it: Where a sweet tooth and the turn up combine. Essential after-dinner nibble. The name says it all.

Who's bringing it: Your auntie who isn't really your aunt but she's your mother's soror so blood couldn't make you any closer.

Recipe: Click here

6. Biscuits, Rolls and Cornbread

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Why we love it: The holy trinity of yeast for your Turkey Day feast.

Who's bringing it: C'mon now ... we all know Grandma's biscuits are the GOAT.

Recipe: Click here

5. Turkey

Photo: Carnal Dish

Why we love it: Poultry that brings new meaning to "get you somebody that can do both". Traditional, jerk, fried ... the possibilities are endless.

Who's bringing it: Your cool ass granddaddy who swears up and down he was the sixth member of the original Temptations.

Recipe: Click here

4. Cornbread Stuffing with Italian Sausage

Photo: Carnal Dish

Why we love it: Not your yogi's "dressing". Packed with just the right amount of mouthwatering flavors, this dish brings home the gold every year in the "Itis Olympics".

Who's bringing it: The in-laws and we thank the high heavens for it

Recipe: Click here

3. Collard Greens

Photo: Food Network

Why we love it: Going green never smelled or tasted so good with just the right amount of health appeal to even out your gorging. If it's not on your plate directly, it should be in a bowl on the side — no exceptions.

Who's bringing it?: Your older cousin who moved to the "Big City" but is still countrified.

Recipe: Click here

2. Sweet Potato Pie

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Why we love it: Generations upon generations of good eating; the reigning champion of holding the desert table down

Who's bringing it: That aunt that left your uncle but is still considered family.

Recipe: Click here

1. Macaroni and Cheese

Photo: Carnal Dish

Why we love it: Baked for the gods (and it HAS to be baked); various cheese types melding together for a luscious love session in your mouth; an amalgamation of flavor and aromas unmatched

Who's bringing it: Grandma should chef up the Mac and Cheese. Don't argue with me. We love it so much, we've damn near built a religion around it.

Recipe: Click here

What dishes are a mainstay on your table every Thanksgiving? Share with us below!