Female entrepreneurs are continuing to take the American market by storm, and are setting an amazing example for aspiring youngsters. These trailblazers have been gaining some highly-deserved media recognition as of late, but it can still be a hassle to find news about today’s most awe-inspiring businesswomen. The next generation deserves better – that’s why you can read about the most impressive minority female entrepreneurs today, below.

Before you start eying up individual entrepreneurs who are worthy of your time, praise and attention, there are some key facts worth reviewing. First and foremost, with the U.S. economy enjoying a soaring period of growth right now, it’s imperative to point out that young, women of color entrepreneurs are one of the most vital aspects of the growing American economy today. Consider, for instance, a recent report put out by Nielsen that showed that black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country.

That should and does bring a smile to many faces around the nation, but some individual praise can go a long way towards further incentivizing this kind of good behavior, too. That’s why these women of color, in particular, should be called-out and praised for their economic perseverance and success, as they’re demonstrating that they have the grit and determination needed to make it in the 21st century economy.

1. Jewel Burks of Google fame


Jewel Burks, a savvy entrepreneur who made a name for herself at Google, showed the world her innovative talents when she created PartPic, an app that revolutionized the process major manufacturers use to locate and order new supplies. Jewel is one of the many trailblazers showing that the American industry can belong to everyone. She even met with former President Obama to help showcase the power of diversity in the marketplace.

With women like Jewel to look up to as a role model, today’s aspiring young girls are already a step ahead.

2. Iman Oubou went from beauty pageants to business

 Iman Oubou

Iman Oubou may have originally made a name for herself after becoming Miss New York 2015, but her work in media since then has been even more pivotal to her long-term success. Having already founded SWAAY Media, a media platform with a focus on women entrepreneurs, it’s likely you may have already heard of Iman, and for good reason. There are few women of color entrepreneurs who have done as much to enable the success of future generations as Iman.

Despite her past successes, however, Iman’s day in the sun is far from over. You should keep your eye on her well into 2019 and beyond, as this innovative disruptor has shown she’s ambitious enough to keep redefining the limits of success.

3. Kelechi Anyadiegwu is shaping the future of e-commerce


With e-commerce becoming one of the dominant industries of the modern economy, and one of the most important clients for Vanguard Tax services, it’s vital that aspiring young entrepreneurs everywhere have role models to look up to when it comes to doing business in the 21st century. Luckily, for that, young girls everywhere can turn to Kelechi Anyadiegwu, whose impressive business skills managed to turn one small idea into a multi-million-dollar business.

Kelechi shows that in the digital economy so often dominated by Silicon Valley, you don’t have to come from the ranked classes of privileged society to make a big impact on the tech scene. As millions of young girls tuning into their digital devices around the globe look towards their futures with huge ambitions, they’ll remember trailblazers like Kelechi who showed them it was possible to succeed without having to change who you are.

These female entrepreneurs may be inspiring, but they’re only just the start – a thousand others currently toiling away in universities, apprenticeships, internships and businesses around the nation are soon to come, much to the benefit of the American economy. As these fresh faces dream about hopefully finding success in the market, they can rely on having a steady crop of role models to look up to, thanks to the work of these wonderful women of color who continue to achieve success.