4 POC Podcasts That Should Be In Your Weekly Rotation

These podcasts are dope AF!

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| April 25 2018,

5:09 pm

A new year, another round of indie podcasts to look out for!

Last year, I posted 8 Black Podcasts You Didn't Know You Needed as appreciation to some of the podcasts I listen to and needed to be recognize. This year, I would to keep y'all abreast on some new ones that should be looked out for 2018 and should be in your weekly rotation — because they're JUST. THAT. DOPE!

1. The Officially Street Podcast

The Officially Street Podcast is hosted by Syer Jayomega and Cherry Poppins. This podcast discuss all sorts of topics, which include music, movies, sex, sports, fashion, politics, religion, global current events, interviews and more. This trio drops every Friday, and I can promise you it’s official!

2. The Podcast Girl

A new podcast within in the podcast universe, with its hilarious commentary and loud and truthful opinions, is called The Podcast Girl. Feesdabeast is the ambassador for all big women, and she has no problem telling society (especially men) what they think is not what plus size community thinks! She is one hilarious individual and could honestly change the podcast game for women in podcasting by creating her own lane in this industry.

3. Talking Sh*t

Another podcast on the docket you should check out is the Talking Sh*t podcast. Join Entrepreneur Kerby of KerbysCups and Cinematographer/Creative Director Joshua Perez as they talk mad sh*t about what it's like to live in the ever-changing society of today. From "the culture" to eating a**, this is the journey.

4. Series-ly

The last podcast I want to mention, and this good for those who are into web series, is the Series-ly Podcast. Web series junkies Brittany and Mary host a weekly recap on the drama, the love, the scandals, the friendships and all the mess in between on their favorite web series. The reason why I love this podcast so much is because this is something different. If you’re the type of person I am that looks to YouTube from time to time for the best web series, this podcast is for you! Tune in each Thursday for hilarious commentary from these girls!

Podcast Updates:

Last year I talked about a podcast that lets listeners know being hoe isn’t that bad. With recent changes to the podcast, Sam is continuing to let you know why this hoe thing could be a positive learning experience. Each week Sam, principal co-host of Inner Hoe Uprising, is joined by her rotating co-hosts, Akua, Rodecka and Rob (who took a step back to serve our country) to have discussions on sex, love and dating. Their main segments are F*** That (main topic), F*** Me (their lives) and F*** You (listener letters). At the end of the month, all four co-hosts come together for a party episode, which makes you feel like you're chatting with friends.



Another recent change in the indie podcast community is the revamped bodega podcast, which is now called The New York Dose! The New York Dose is a weekly podcast run by a team of multicultural millennials bringing you pop-culture chit-chat, current events and a dose of NYC.This show is comprised of three main sections that are broken up into smaller segments. The main sections are the subway (a form of the Kings card game),  Empire state of mind and Times Square. Dj and Adaloso, hosts of #TNYD, brings on a guest almost every week and have them talk about their lives, projects, and careers. Get your dose!!



Last change in this podcast community is a podcast I host. Last year, I introduced The Cure as my cousin and me talking almost any and everything on our show. News, pop culture, interviews and more. But due to “creative differences,” we decided to go separate ways. I still want to keep The Cure going, so I brought along Raven as my new co-host, and now you catch me and her chopping it up every week.



Honorable Mentions:

We Come From Queens hosted by Cadacia and Monique

HeManWomanHatersClub hosted by Mouse Jones and Reek (and I produce it )

Extra Juicy hosted by Mahia and Yanaa

Sole Of A Hustla hosted by Avery (PeopleTalkDaily)

2 awkward Millennials hosted by KayCee and Hendrix

I want to make a quarterly update post to high light podcasts should be checked out. So if you have a podcast and would like me to checkout out email me rellisback@gmail.com.