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JJackson Jonathan Jackson

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We’re Not Friends, Just Peers (And Other Lessons From 2017 That Changed My Life)

If you’re just joining us, I’d suggest starting with 2015, then moving to 2016, so you get a feel for how my yearly reflections feel.For 2017, I made two affirmations:I must prioritize my mental and physical health over the concerns or convenience of others.I will not tell beautiful lies to avoid hard truths.I failed persistently and routinely at both, but what I learned in...

The silence is too loud, and there's nowhere to rest

I paint with words, but this week I ran out. My easel is dry, brushes stiff, canvases empty. I’m a shell of myself, and I can’t seem to grab onto anything long enough to shake this feeling. I try to make it a point to show people they matter through my actions. This week I actually felt like I didn’t. My life felt worthless for enough time that I dignified it with some attention....

Death, grief and loss in the age of unlimited scrolling

In the age of oversharing, death is almost another happenstance occurrence, like a new job or getting engaged. Death is hard. I've seen it much more than I care to admit, and I'm accustomed to it. I am, at this point, almost unfazed. But the pain is still the same. I remember one particular drive to school when my mom asked me what I ask God for that I never told anyone about. I...