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Melanade_Stand Fontaine Felisha Foxworth


I am a Black, female Filmmaker, Humanist, Creative & Entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NY. I'm here to fulfill my role in this life as a Lightworker - sharing light, love, & laughter to anyone the universe leads me to. I'm a dynamic, go getter, with a strong desire to give back to the world- one person at a time.

Melanade_Stand's posts

You Got The Wrong One: Why Misogynistic And Patriarchal Ignorance Must Stop

As women in a historically male-dominated society, we have become so used to putting up with misogynistic and patriarchal ignorance that seems to go unnoticed by even the men closest to us.Part of this is so ingrained in how men interact with women, and the other part of it is exerted expression of willful degradation of women in general. Either way, it's time for us to let these...

How Following My Intuition Is Taking Me On A Fulfilling Nomadic Journey

As a young, black female holistic entrepreneur, I’ve never really experienced what it truly means to be a carefree black girl, until I decided to become a nomad and moved wherever the spirit called me.On July 20, 2017, I packed up and moved to New Orleans, after being prompted just a month earlier by what seemed to be a direct sign from the universe.One night, as I sat with my...