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Philly writer. Wellness and Pop Culture. I love Hip Hop. Slob in my personal life. Assassin in my professional life. hashtag: Balance

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Fake Women Empowerment Is A Thing That Really Shouldn’t Exist At All

There is no specific definition for women empowerment. Since the late 1840’s women have been fighting for equality. From economic empowerment to political empowerment, women have been battling gender-related barriers to break down the social norms of women like sexual harassment, career progression and unequal pay, where women are paid less than men are for performing the same...

Life Comes Around And Knocks You Down, But These Tips Could Help You Get Back Up With A Smile

Of course we all want to be happy, and that goal is attainable, but along with practicing self-care and getting your shit together, we have to (not to be cliché) start within. All of those seeking happiness have the power to be happy. It’s not necessarily a hard thing, it’s more of a consistent thing. Small changes in your behavior can lead you to that path...

Choose You, Boo: How An Unhealthy Relationship Can Kill Your Self-Esteem

If you internet frequently, you will see that all over Twitter and Instagram there are several messages targeting women, like self-love and self-esteem. Though this may seem like a trend, these messages are vital to women. Toxic relationships, unfortunately, are not a surprise, but in the wake of several sexual harassment scandals in the entertainment world, our current presidency and...