Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren’t tolerating hustlers who want to sell bootleg tour merch outside of their concerts.

TMZ reports Three Ten Merchandising Services, the company handling the Carter’s official OTR II merch, has filed a restraining order to prevent merchants from selling the gear outside of Boston’s Gillette Stadium.

Merchandise from the tour has proven to be popular. Beyoncé's been slaying the merch game in general, lately, with hoodies based on her Beychella looks drawing acclaim. With those hoodies starting at $550, those looking to score some Bey merchandise at a more affordable price-point have been forced to look elsewhere.

Three Ten hopes an order will give law enforcement the authority to confiscate any off-brand merch upon discovery. The company also expressed its intent to file civil suits if authorities are unable to seize the merchandise right away. The lawsuits will cost an estimated $450,000.

Court papers likened Three Ten's request to those other artists who received similar court orders, including Lady Gaga, P!nk and Katy Perry. The judge granted the request.

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