Beyoncé wrote a touching tribute to former first lady Michelle Obama for Time's annual list of the "100 Most Influential People."

The “Love on Top” singer praised Obama for setting a pristine example during her years in the White House.

“Loving Michelle Obama wasn’t much of a choice. It was something that came naturally, because of how she carried herself,” Beyoncé wrote.

“Because she resembled us and was moving in spaces where, as Black Americans, we weren’t exactly meant to be, she seemed so powerful.”

Beyoncé also mentioned how she was “embraced by a warm, regal, confident woman who possessed a reassuring calm,” when they met for the first time on the eve of former President Obama’s first inauguration.

Her willingness to be open despite fierce criticism also impressed Queen Bey.

“I’m honored to know such a brilliant Black woman who’s spoken about the sacrifice it takes to balance her passions while remaining a supportive partner and mother, and now a best-selling author with Becoming,” she continued. “She has continued to open herself up, even if it meant being criticized. She has continued to be a portrait of grace.”

Beyoncé cemented Michelle’s place as a role model for her three kids, Blue Ivy, Sir and Rumi Carter.

“I am so grateful that my daughters and my son live in a world where Michelle Obama shines as a beacon of hope who inspires all of us to do better and to be better,” Beyoncé concluded.

This tribute isn’t the first time Beyoncé has publicly praised Michelle. In 2012, she referred to Michelle as "the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman," according to CBS.

Bey also urged the world to “Bow Down” in honor of Michelle’s birthday in January.

The admiration is mutual.

Michelle deemed the former Destiny’s Child member a “role model for us all” while congratulating her for starting her Formation Scholars initiative.

Michelle isn’t the only prominent Black face on Time’s radar.

Warren Buffet praised LeBron James for his ability to keep his priorities in check despite temptation.

“I’ve been impressed with his leadership skills, his sharp mind and his ability to stay grounded,” he wrote. “People in LeBron’s position get tugged in different directions and have a lot of chances to make bad decisions. He’s kept his head, and that’s not easy.”

Elsewhere, Ava DuVernay showered Gayle King with some Black-on-Black love for her journalistic talents.

“To see her for the truth seeker that she has always been,” the filmmaker wrote. “Our eyes are now open as we bear witness to her, standing right in front of us, gracefully in the center.”

Another poignant message was one from Pose director Janet Mock to one of her leading ladies, Indya Moore. Mock compared Moore to their trans foremothers who changed the world.

“In Indya, I see elements of our foremothers: the beauty of Sir Lady Java and Tracey Africa Norman, the brazenness of Miss Major and Sylvia Rivera, and the indelible warmth and spirit of Marsha P. Johnson,” Mock wrote. “She is the living embodiment of our wildest dreams finally coming true.”

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