The Delaware Supreme Court overturned the case of a negligent homicide conviction of a group of teenagers who beat 16-year-old Amy Joyner-Francis to death at Howard High School of Technology in April 2016, reports USA Today. According to the medical examiner, Francis had a pre-existing heart condition that contributed to her death.

A graphic video of the fight went viral on Twitter and showed Amy being dragged and punched in the face by a group of girls. 

Trinity Carr, 17, was found guilty of third-degree conspiracy because the attack was planned about 20 hours before it happened. Carr was sentenced to six months secure residential program for female youths in June.  

On Thursday, the state supreme court ruled that Carr could not have predicted the beating would lead to death. 

"No reasonable factfinder could conclude that (Carr's) attack – which inflicted only minor physical injuries – posed a risk of death so great that Tracy was grossly deviant for not recognizing it," the Delaware Supreme Court opinion said.   

The supreme court also said that Amy's death was "too remote" for Carr to know that her actions would actually lead to death. 

"(Joyner-Francis') death, from cardiac arrest, was simply ‘too remote’ from the hazards of  (Carr’s) conduct and ‘too accidental in its occurrence’ to transform what (Carr) did from a physical attack into criminally negligent homicide," the opinion reads. 

ABC News released a statement by Joyner-Francis' family, saying:

"The most dangerous city in the nation for children between the ages of 12-17 in Wilmington, DE. The overturned ruling by the Delaware Supreme Court today regarding the murder of Amy Joyner-Francis supports this fact. Did the justices see the video because the assailant literally kicked Amy six times in the head and landed over 20 body shots?

She and her cohorts plotted Amy's death on social media and they get to walk freely, while Amy's Family is bound by her untimely death.

Delaware is in desperate need of a complete overhaul politically, socially and most importantly spiritually. May God Bless the Family of Amy Joyner-Francis who cannot find justice or peace in the First State."

What a sad day. #JusticeForAmy