Donald Glover is in a strange place right now. He seems like a modern Midas — everything he touches turns to gold.

He’s got a lauded show, a celebrated album, a new child and is Lando Calrissian himself

Glover’s a comedian, a writer, an actor, a musician; and every project he does seems to combine all these talents uniquely. Take Atlanta, for example: it was funny, but not strictly a comedy, centered on the music world without being about music, was tightly written and was well acted.

Glover’s projects exist at the intersection of so many things purposefully, he told Big Boy TV recently, “I think genre is dead. I really do believe in just being — people want quality. People want excellence … there really is no genre anymore, so you just have to make something new.”

Easier said then done, maybe. Or maybe not. Although we may be in a brave new genre-less world, making quality things that resonate with people still has to be done the old-fashioned way according to Glover. “If making stuff is like being a scientist, like time is the thing that people usually forget to add in the equation. If you really take a lot of time, like, if you work on it every day, you’re going to get something amazing, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.” 

Reassuring words to all of those that want to make something amazing but lack formal training.

Glover also addressed rumors about his new album with Chance the Rapper. “When he has a moment, we’ve been sitting down and working together.” But before you get too excited, keep in mind Childish tempered this statement by joking, “I don’t know if I’ll see him again now that he’s won a Grammy.”

As you know, Glover’s been collecting awards himself. On his Migos moment, Glover said he talked to Offset after the Golden Globes, and was happy to find that he had the rapper’s grandmother in tears.

So there you have it — the gospel according to Donald Glover: work hard, don’t allow genre to limit you, and you’ll have the generations that came before anointing you with tears of joy.