Drake and LeBron James may love the high life, but they also share a commendable love for giving back to the community.

In a brand-new Instagram post, the “Girls Want Girls” rapper revealed that he and James were setting out to help out a hardworking mother with a big surprise in partnership with the Stake gambling site.

The upload, filmed at a Toronto-based restaurant, Harbour 60, is where Drake memorably shot the video for “Headlines” over a decade ago.

“Lot of memorable nights in this room in my life, for sure,” he says. “Speaking of memorable nights, I had an incredible night last night playing roulette on [the gambling site] Stake.”

We then see a brief clip of Drake excitedly winning at roulette, though it’s unclear exactly how much money he won.

“Anytime I get blessed like that, I always think it’s good karma that needs to be transferred. I play for fun, and I play in hopes that I can spread love always. So tonight, I’m doing a dinner with my brother [LeBron James],” Drake adds. “We’re doing a Lobos dinner tonight, and we’ve invited a kid here; he’s an extremely hardworking all-star player [named] Michael. He plays for a high school in Toronto called Royal Crown Academy.”

Drake then discusses Michael’s mother, whom he calls “one of the hardest working women, period.” Because she works multiple jobs to help give her son opportunities, Drake and James wanted to give back and help “try and make things a little easier.”

We then see Michael and his mother arrive at the restaurant, and the celebrities proceed to gift her a whopping $100,000.

“Hopefully, it makes this journey just a little easier,” Drake says.

“Take a little burden off your chest, off your heart,” James adds.

Michael’s mother is elated by surprise, even at one point asking if she was dreaming. Drake then gifts Michael’s coach, who was also at the dinner, a pair of shoes and an impressive stack of bills.