Social media influencer Brittany Renner confronted the hosts Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes from the controversial Fresh & Fit podcast about their comments that put women down, and it was the content we needed to start our day. 

In the recent episode of Akademik's podcast Off The Record, Renner challenges Gaines about his off-camera remark towards her. Gaines stumbles on words in the video and could not answer any of Renner's counterattacks.

"You said you warn guys about girls like me, so tell me about girls like me," Renner said. Gaines answered, "Just women in general…" However, Renner interrupted, "Don't 'women in general,' 'cause you literally, specifically said before we got on here, you did say that you warn guys about girls like me. So, now that we're face to face, what kind of girl am I?"

Gaines was direct in his response. "You're not special. You're like other girls," he said. 

Renner continued her argument and questioned what makes him special, and he didn't respond. She proceeded to ask Gaines what he gets from telling girls they're not special. 

"How does that make you feel?… 'Cause if I say, 'You're a b*tch ass n*gga,' that does something for me, right?" she asked."If I insult you or if I tell you you're not special, you're forgettable, what does that do for me?"

She also divulged that she declined their podcast invitation because their show is "forgettable," adding that she hated their setup adding that she thought their podcast name was "underwhelming." 

The Fresh & Fit podcast hosts Gaines and Weekes are social media's most wanted men at the moment. The internet has gone into a frenzy for their openly forward and negative opinions and comments about Black women. 

In particular, a viral clip from the podcast has recently resurfaced where the hosts discuss why they prefer dating white women over Black women. The offensive comments included the two hosts stating they arent "night riders" and poking fun at men who love Black women and their unique names calling Black women "a bunch of Shaniquas" and "Laquishas."

Renner is not the only celebrity calling out the misogynist hosts; many other celebrities have been displeased with Gaines and Weekes' recent comments on Black women. Joe Budden, New Black Panther Party leader, Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz and Sukihana have shared their opinions of the show with the hosts. Here's what they had to say.

Joe Budden unloaded the chopper on the Fresh & Fit hosts on Instagram when he addressed their hate for Black women. Budden reminded the two men to stand on their opinions by not inviting Black women as guests on their show anymore, not accepting money or deals generated directly or indirectly by Black women, and that Black women are "everything."

During her Off The Porch interview, rapper Sukihana expressed her dislike for the Fresh and Fit podcast hosts and their discussion topics centering around disrespecting Black women. 

About 24 minutes into the interview, Sukihana let viewers know that no one should be made to feel less than in front of others, especially Black women, calling the podcast trash and the host a few derogatory names. Sukihana also let the hosts know that it was on if she ever saw them in the street. 

Asian Doll

As a guest on the Fresh and Fit podcast, Asian Doll argued with Gaines, resulting in her walking off the show.

Asian Doll addressed him before ending her guest appearance early, calling his antics "mean." As soon as a clip of Asian Dolls episode surfaced, the internet ate Gaines up for his hate and lack of respect towards Black women. 

Attorney and New Black Panther Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz

The most professional read you'll ever see was by Attorney and New Black Panther Leader Malik Zulu Shabazz. Shabazz lit into the podcast hosts, calling them "Sambos" for their disparaging comments about Black women.

Shabazz said it best, "Black women are the Queens of the planet Earth" and the world needs to respect our names.