nullEarlier today, I published an item on foley artists (read/watch here).

Continuing with the series highlighting those behind-the-camera positions that rarely, if ever, get much *love* for the work that they do, even though it’s very important work (if only to inform and maybe even inspire), here’s a profile of another *thankless* but crucial behind-the-camera job – the location scout.

First, in the video that immediately follows, "CBS News Sunday Morning" with Charles Osgood, sheds some light on those who do that specific work. And below it, NPR does the same in an unrelated piece.

As I did with the foley artists piece, I post this in part because I think location scouting could be a really fun, though demanding job. Also, it’s to show that there are other paths to take and other roles to fill in the film business, and thus, other ways to earn a living, as you can see (which comes with its own set of learned skills). And this is one of the many behind-the-camera positions that the majority of us probably don’t give a single thought to, even though it’s quite crucial to the movie-making process.

If there are any location scouts of African descent reading this, let us know who you are.

And when you’re done here, read about foley artists here.