Everyone seems to be asking the same question: Who was Latto referring to in her recent sit-down?

During an interview with Big Boy TV, Latto dished on her upcoming sophomore album, 777. In the 47-minute interview, the rapper began speaking on an unexpected roadblock she encountered while trying to clear a feature with a male artist, as Blavity previously reported.

“I’m clearing my album right now, and it’s been, like, difficult to deal with these men. They don’t know how to keep it business,” she said. “It’s a feature on my album that it was difficult to clear, and they like trying to drop their nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM.”

“Man, these folks be trying to drop nuts on female rappers, like I’m not gonna shut up about it,” Latto continued. “We tolerate too much. We think, ‘Oh, well, that just comes with the game [of] being a female rapper.’ Well, it shouldn’t, though. It shouldn’t.”

She added that, while she was “rubbed the wrong way,” she still loved the song and “didn’t want to not put it on my album.” Latto also said she felt as though she “had no choice” but to keep the track.

It’s also important to mention that Latto clarified that she was not talking about 21 Savage, as she previously revealed that they had a song dropping.

People immediately began buzzing and accusing Kodak Black of being the prime suspect—especially since he recently made comments about how female artists like DreamDoll and Yung Miami should “let [him] smash ’cause the music is trash,” as Blavity previously reported.

Then, yesterday, Latto unveiled her highly anticipated tracklist, including its upcoming features. The list consists of 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Lil Durk, Nardo Wick, and Kodak Black. There’s also one more feature on the bonus track that’s still being kept under wraps.

With Kodak Black being listed, Twitter users immediately began buzzing and amping up the criticism against him.

However, the “Roll in Peace” rapper was quick to deny the allegations.

Despite this, people were largely un-swayed in their opinions.

However, it’s worth noting that Kodak Black wasn’t the only suspect in the case, as some shared that they had their eyes on Nardo Wick.

Lil Durk also found his name thrown into the mix.

Lil Wayne was also not free from suspicion.

People also continued to dissect the situation on a grand-scale basis, though Kodak Black and Nardo Wick were consistently at the top of the list.

Aside from Kodak Black, none of the other artists have publicly commented on the matter.