It’s 2019, and Algeria, the African country, has crowned its first Black Miss Algeria. After beating 16 other contestants, Khadija Ben Hamou won the title and instantaneously faced backlash for being "too Black" and "ugly."

Racists reared their ugly heads online after Hamou’s win, picking apart the young woman’s features. 

“Stop judging with feeling,” one Facebook user wrote. “She’s very ugly, with her big nose and mouth is 20 cc, not to mention her butt, anyway, a beauty contest is winning first by beauty then the stay.”

Other discriminators followed suit, attacking the pageant winner for her appearance and skin. 

Miss Algeria is ugly I can't lie— ???????? âmou (@JFlygerian) November 23, 2013

Miss Algeria 2013 is ugly no offence LOL— K (@Kbenmoulai) August 2, 2013

The pageant released a statement condemning the hateful words online, saying:

“Miss Algeria’s organization deplores the racist behavior and comments of several people as a result of publications and retouched photos."

Others rallied behind her win, supporting the newly crowned Miss Algeria and denouncing all racist trolls. 

Despite the hate, Hamou refuses to let the racists get to her. 

“I do not look at social networks,” Hamou said during an interview on Algerian television, the National reports. “May God show the way to those who criticize me and preserve those who encourage me.”

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