Nicki Minaj Is Threatening To Sue A Reporter: 'You Just Lied On Me On National TV'

The Barbz might be getting some more scholarship money.

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| December 12 2018,

01:05 am

Nicki Minaj has the Barbz stanning potential lawsuits, and honestly, that’s some serious power. The news of something brewing in Queen-land came after Minaj posted a screenshot of former NFL quarterback and The Bachelor contestant Jesse Palmer on his news show Daily Mail TV:

What Palmer said about the 36-year-old rapper has yet to be made clear, but some speculate it may have to do with recent headlines. Minaj has been in the news for her relationship with her new boyfriend, Kenneth Perry, who is a registered sex offender. According to USA Today, Perry was registered by the state’s sex offender registry as a Level 2 offender who poses a medium risk of committing another crime. 

While Minaj’s new man roams free, she declared on Twitter that it is Palmer who belongs in jail.

She also promised the dedicated Barbz clan they’d have something to gain if she pursues a legal case against Palmer: scholarships.

Minaj previously awarded 37 scholarships to a group of die-hard fans in June. The next round will be completed courtesy of previous The Bachelor checks. 

The Barbz are more than ready to receive:

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