The first time I spoke to Big Sean, I was a scared-to-death intern at Complex Mag, trying really hard not to blow my first big interview. He was too kind, rehashing some cursory information before we got into the personal stuff. He’s always been able to exist in a place between arrogance and grace, somewhere left of Kanye West but to the right of more conscious emcees. I mean, the dude’s got swagger. He did release a song in which he claimed he had Zebras in his closet. He’s also got hits. More than ten of his songs have landed on the Billboard Hot 100 over the course of his career.

This time, though, Big Sean is throwing shots. At who? He squared up on Kid Cudi pretty strong. He also may or may not be calling out Kendrick Lamar, which would be one of the most interesting rap battles ever. If he is calling out K. Dot, let’s hope its all in fun. He does still think he had the best verse on “Control.”

The other song he dropped on Monday is called “Bounce Back.” It’s great! Give them both a listen — what do you think of Sean’s new releases? Let us know in the comments below!

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