Three siblings have all become doctors.

Gloria, Victor and Blessing Oyeniyi spoke to Fox 26 about their journey and extraordinary accomplishment. The siblings emigrated from Nigeria with their parents when they were children. According to a post on Victor’s Instagram page, the family moved after experiencing corruption from a Nigerian private school.

Honored @jmartintv chose to use his platform to highlight our families story and the POSITIVE things happening in Houston and this country in hopes of inspiring others. Great guy! Despite my older sister being top of her class and having one of the highest entrance exams in her class, the private school in which my parents had applied for back in our home country of Nigeria unfortunately wanted bribes and additional things. Disheartened, my parents left all they knew and relocated us to Texas with old family friends of ours in hopes we wouldn’t be limited by those barriers they themselves encountered. My father and mother left their professional careers of being a pilot of over 19 years and a bank manager, respectively, only to begin afresh in the U.S. re-enrolling in college as freshmen and working odd jobs ultimately getting their SECOND bachelors and masters degrees all to sustain us all because they had higher aspirations for us. Though things are now better In Nigeria, this is more a testament of their will and sacrifice than it is about our achievements here. We hope we’ve made them proud and hope we can inspire others to do the same here and afar, not just in medicine but in sports, business, entertainment and wherever excellence might lie. Thanks to my inlaws for having us and thanks to ???? in video by: @fredagho #godsplan #positivelyhouston @texassouthern

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"I know people look at us and say, 'Gosh, you're so successful, and you've done so much!'" said Gloria. "The true success is my parents.”

Their parents, a bank manager and pilot in their home country, took on blue collar jobs in the States to support the family. They eventually finished their educations.

"We were on welfare for a while, coming back in the U.S. and starting back up. My mom was a janitor at her first job when she started back over, and they both went back and got their college degrees and their master's degrees,” Gloria added.

Their parents encouraged them to enter the medical field.

“They wanted, and they aspired for us to be doctors, whether it was medical or professional," said Victor. "They just wanted us to have that title, and be the best at anything we chose to be.”

The siblings ended up excelling and enjoying the medical field, but there were challenges. Blessing struggled with her pre-med classes at Harvard, but she was able to overcome it with help from her siblings. She recently graduated from McGovern Medical School and is completing her residency.

Victor holds a pharmacy doctorate from Texas Southern University. Gloria is also a McGovern grad and currently works in mental health.

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