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Amanda De Souza Amanda De Souza

I am an intuitive introvert who has a love and appreciation for the arts. I consider writing my passion and most effective means of emotional release. The everyday grievances of life can be suffocating at times, but poetic expression acts as a breath of fresh air.

Amanda De Souza's posts

The Root Of An Unhealthy Friendship, And Why It Ended

Unlike family, our friends are the people in life in which we choose. Often, they are a reflection of our maturity, ambitions and, sadly, sometimes our vices. As we age, we tend to realize that some friendships aren't as stable as others. In time, as we get to know ourselves, we realize some relationships weren't based on anything solid or meaningful, but shared bad habits. Not...

How Difficulty With Asserting Myself Later Worked To My Advantage

For years I struggled with self advocation and voicing my opinion. As a young adult, expressing my discomforts and defending my beliefs was the catalyst for severe anxiety attacks and nervousness. My desperation for acceptance was often the root of these incorrigible fears. I didn't know myself and lacked awareness. Self-awareness and asserting one's self is interchangeable,...

How A Healthy Relationship Helped Me Re-evaluate My Failed Ones

I'm a grown woman, and it's safe to say I haven't experienced a real romantic relationship until now. Don't get me wrong, I've been in situationships, uncertainships and every other 'ship that was a one way cruise to insecure and confused island. Having the opportunity to experience a good quality relationship was a big slap in the face as to why I was failing in...