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FonzFranc Alfonso François


Alfonso believes writing helps him reach his max potential. It is his most creative vein and strongest voice. It's what helps him become anyone he wants to be, and it's the easiest way for him to understand others as well as the world around him. From growing up underprivileged in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to graduating with a BA in Film & New Media Studies under a full-tuition scholarship, Alfonso's greatest skill is knowing how to maneuver in both worlds comfortably. Visit FonzFranc.com.

FonzFranc's posts

How Issa Rae's 'Insecure' Makes Political Commentary Through Wardrobe

Since its 2016 inception, HBO's Insecure has garnered a heavy following thanks to its strikingly empathetic script. The eventful lives of characters, like, Issa, Molly, Lawrence and others, have become talking points in our homes, and even on our social media feeds and timelines. We see ourselves, be it entirely or in small ways, reflected throughout the show's juicy...

How Eating Healthy Still Means Eating Happy for Black Americans

Summertime is coming to an end, but not before we fire up our grills and clean our backyard pools for the last black staple of the season: the Labor Day kickback! It's common practice for black families to come together over delicious food and drinks at the cookout. While we prioritize family fun during these warm weather functions, we generally don't pay much attention to the...

Summerhill: How Cultural Ignorance Led To The Latest Example Of Crown Heights Gentrification

Crown Heights. Having only been a child during the 1990s and early 2000s, I still have vivid memories of the environment and the vibe of my neighborhood. An overwhelming majority of Caribbean immigrants, including my own parents, had settled in the area. We were surrounded by establishments that contributed greatly to our own cultural flourishing—fruits & vegetable stands,...