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FonzFranc Alfonso François

Alfonso believes writing helps him reach his max potential. It is his most creative vein and strongest voice. It's what helps him become anyone he wants to be, and it's the easiest way for him to understand others as well as the world around him. From growing up underprivileged in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to graduating with a BA in Film & New Media Studies under a full-tuition scholarship, Alfonso's greatest skill is knowing how to maneuver in both worlds comfortably. Visit

FonzFranc's posts

Saying No To Savages: Why Being Vulnerable Is Better

Now that we've become so wrapped up in figuring out how to make rejecting vulnerability look cool, we've forgotten how poor choices in friendships and relationships carry us further away from actual growth. As much as young people are full of innovation and intellect, we're also very easily influenced. The more we see the glorification of disregarding the consequences of...

7 Ridiculous Questions Black Students Get Asked At PWIs

Although black students on the campuses of PWIs across the country have our own individual experiences, there are still vast similarities between our experiences attending college with majority white students, faculty and staff. Some of them, we were able to befriend and entrust, but not without having firsthand encounters with many factors of our cultural differences.Most times, white...