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FonzFranc Alfonso François


Alfonso believes writing helps him reach his max potential. It is his most creative vein and strongest voice. It's what helps him become anyone he wants to be, and it's the easiest way for him to understand others as well as the world around him. From growing up underprivileged in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to graduating with a BA in Film & New Media Studies under a full-tuition scholarship, Alfonso's greatest skill is knowing how to maneuver in both worlds comfortably. Visit FonzFranc.com.

FonzFranc's posts

How The Story of Wakanda Affords Black Viewers The Chance To Analyze And Reflect

There is much to be said about a film as impactful as Marvel's 'Black Panther,' a cinematic experience that has generated tons of buzz‌ preceding its release, exceeded expectations and provided black audiences with the cultural uplifting that we all needed. Adding to the reasons why Black History Month 2018 has been so incredible, the film's monumental box office...

Why 'Get Out' Will Forever Be Cemented In Black History As Impactful Cinema

When I first watched Get Out, I was impressed with director Jordan Peele's ability to successfully balance the funny and the frightening, illustrating the horrors of racism. Peele dressed the guise of an interracial relationship in such an imaginative and encompassing way.As a fan of Peele's comedic talent, it astounded me how brilliantly he executed making racism the antagonist...