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FonzFranc Alfonso François


Alfonso believes writing helps him reach his max potential. It is his most creative vein and strongest voice. It's what helps him become anyone he wants to be, and it's the easiest way for him to understand others as well as the world around him. From growing up underprivileged in Crown Heights, Brooklyn to graduating with a BA in Film & New Media Studies under a full-tuition scholarship, Alfonso's greatest skill is knowing how to maneuver in both worlds comfortably. Visit FonzFranc.com.

FonzFranc's posts

Why I Think GQ's Cover With Serena Williams Was A Tone-Deaf Move

Serena Williams is a pivotal figure in the sports world. We've watched her rise and become one of the most talented and influential athletes of our time. Her wins are unquantifiable. However, her losses have been maximized by many in an effort to end her. Still, she continues to cement her legacy into our world's history. Williams' story is not only relatable, it gives many...

We See You: 3 Letters From Black Queer Men To LGBTQ Youth Who Have Had Their Lights Dimmed

Bullying has proven to have negative effects on victims, some that range from the physical to the psychological. Kids and teenagers who have experienced bullying in their lives often develop depression and anxiety that sometimes is carried into adulthood. In a number of reported cases, violence breeds violence, where victims of bullying go on to become bullies themselves, or...

7 Important Affirmations For LGBTQ Youth To Help Boost Confidence And Resiliency

This year, #SpiritDay is making an even bigger impact through people everywhere sharing across social media images and messages of support for LGBTQ youth who have been bullied.Spirit Day, which was started by GLAAD, is an anti-bullying campaign that shows celebrities, schools, faith institutions, sports teams and so much more wearing purple or going purple online in...