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IsabelHerrera's posts

Why Catcalling Isn’t Acceptable. Ever.

Honestly, I’m still baffled as to how catcalling is still a prevalent method men resort to when they see a beautiful woman walking by. Personally, I don’t know any scenario where catcalling has actually worked. I don’t ever recall a moment in where, as a woman, I felt empowered or gassed by someone hollering sexist crap to me as I mind my business walking down the...

Why Black Twitter Activism Isn’t The Only Form Of Activism We Need To Engage In

I love Black Twitter. I love the slander, the shade, the tea and the funny videos. But above all, I love the camaraderie: I love that we can virtually reconvene on this social outlet and laugh, critically debate and grieve together, just about anything. Millennials, in general, get a lot of slack for the way technology has replaced the way we go about communication and activism. As a...

11 Of The Best Performances From 106 & Park

For many of us, 6 p.m. meant watching uninterrupted 106 & Park segments so the next day we could talk about the lit performances. Don’t debate me. 106 & Park remains the best music video countdown show in the history of countdowns. To commemorate an old show, check out some of our favorite performances.The videos are listed in no particular order.1. Ja Rule feat....