11 Memes Takin' Over For The ’18 And 2019

We don't care what your mama said, Cardi!

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| December 13 2018,

11:06 pm

Memes are the best thing to hit the internet since online shopping. When you’re at a loss for words, they’re always there. A lot of crazy s**t happened this year but several great memes were birthed in the midst of the chaos.

Here are a few of our favorite memes we will carry into the new year.

1. Rolf had more bundles than an Instagram spam account

After artist Elijah Rutland depicted Rolf of Ed, Edd N Eddy’s Rolf as a Black character, social media had a field day with reincarnations of the cartoon character. He was given baby mamas and changed a few times. He had more lives than a cat. Some of y’all even removed him from the window to put him in a hooptie, the subway and Squidward’s house. No chill. 

2. Cardi B’s mama was in everyone’s business

Do you remember that cousin everyone hated to come over because they were always talking out the side of their neck? What about the kid who spilled tea no one asked for? Someone turned Cardi B’s baby picture into that child and even though she’s 26 years old now, we still need her to stay outta grown folk’s business. WE DON’T CARE WHAT YO MOMMA SAID, BELCALIS.

3. Black joy was BBQ Becky’s kryptonite

Black people have the uncanny ability to take a crappy situation and make light of it. It’s probably a coping mechanism but that’s a whole ‘nother article. BBQ Becky enraged all of us when she interrupted a cookout to call 911. That rage was converted to amusement when social media worked some photoshop magic to put her in several wild situations. A few white people, including SNL’s Aidy Bryant, even got in on the fun by cosplaying her in predominately Black spaces. They ain’t invited to no cookout but it was funny, nonetheless.

4. Lebron James was fed up

Before LeBron James became a Laker, he was a meme. He didn’t hide his frustration when former teammates George Hill and J.R. Smith made silly mistakes on the court. The moment wasn’t funny for Bron but it became funny when the world used it to point out when something tap dances on their nerves.

5. Patrick Star? More like Patrick Savage

Spongebob Squarepants' character Patrick was known as the titular character’s dim-witted bestie. But to us, Patrick was a savage. When someone was about to get scammed, Patrick was there. When it was time to get back at an ex or frenemy, Patrick was ready to ride. When it was time to finesse, Patrick was the best. You a real one, P. Savage. 

6. Spongebob No Pants

While Patrick was out here ruining lives, a naked Spongebob was preparing to do a monumental task like folding a fitted sheet. This meme was perfect when you were unable to can. You know life ain’t a crystal stair when someone is so flustered, they forget their pants and leave their giblets hanging out.

7. Where is yo king?!

Erik Killmonger was a polarizing character. Some loved him, some hated him and everyone used him as a meme. When someone did something utterly mediocre, Killmonger was quick to remind them they lacked the range. By the way, Beyoncé is our king. Today IS NOT challenge day.

8. Don’t invite Childish Gambino to your church…


Many viewers were horrified when the rapper shot up a choir in his “This Is America” video. Despite the gory imagery, a picture from the scene became a meme because nothing is sacred to the internet.

9. It be your own pictures

We all take 50-11 selfies before we sift through them to ensure only the best ones make it to the internet while the rest never see the light of day. How would you feel if one of those rejects became a meme? That’s what happened to Karlin Elisa. She posted the blooper to poke fun at herself and it became a phenomenon. It be your own pictures.

10. Kaep didn’t kneel for this

11. Make flip phones great again

Back in the day, when you were sick of someone, you could hang up on them with just one flick of the wrist. When they heard that CLAT sound, they knew it was real. Tapping a little red button just isn’t the same.

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