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Someone Shaded Chance The Rapper's Cookout Proposal, So He Slid In Their DMs Real Quick

Chance was big mad.

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Chance the Rapper recently proposed to his girlfriend, Kirsten Katrina Corley, who is also the mother of his two-year-old daughter in the most laid back way possible: at a summer cookout. Many Chance fans thought it was a sweet gesture, but, of course, when you're a celebrity there's always room for shade.

Twitter user @Its_RianM wasn't here for the extra chill and thought the proposal was "trash": 

According to a screenshot shared by the same user, Chance promptly hopped into those DMs to let him know he wasn't okay with the criticism:

The rapper dropped the whammy and ended the DM with "get off my d*ck." The screenshot got some traction, causing some fans to chastise Chance for reacting so harshly. That only made Chance more angry. So he got froggy once again:

"You have expectations for my personal life, but you don’t have access to my life in that way that would ever allow you to understand any of the emotions evoked by me and my fiancée getting engaged in the place we did … You saw a small amount of info on a blog somewhere,” Chance wrote in the DM.

Oop! Looks like the fan had shade, but Lil' Chano wasn't in the mood for it!  

Photo: GIPHY
Photo: GIPHY

Everyone had their hot takes regarding the back-and-forth, including popular ESPN sports journalist Jemele Hill:

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