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Jrdn's posts

9 Of The Absolute Worst Group Chat Annoyances

Ah, the group chat. A virtual place of solstice where weekend plans, laughs, gossip and politically in-correctness come together in conversation. A place where shady tweets, hilarious memes and sometimes some hardcore investigating on behalf of your homegirl/homeboy goes down. While the group chat is a great place to have a convo with all your friends at once, we’d be...

Yum Yum! Here Are 10 Foodies Of Color That You Need To Be Following

Instagram is one of millenials' (and grown grown folks) guilty pleasure. But in a time where we're ingesting so on much social media at once, shouldn't we be able to get something out of it? Whether you're looking for a new brunch spot, want to head on a food tour, or trying to figure out how to throw down in the kitchen ya damn self, these foodies have got you...

9 Rappers That Deserved To Be On The XXL 2017 Freshman List

On June 13th, XXL Magazine dropped their highly anticipated Class of 2017 Freshman cover. Since 2007, the hip hop publication has been stirring controversy with each cover, sometimes hitting the nail right on the head and other times missing the mark completely.The wait is over. Introducing the 2017 XXL Freshman Class, Generation Next! #XXLFreshmen https://t.co/SueW5esJ1a...