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Chance the Rapper Spreads His Aunt's Empowering Video After Her Battle With Breast Cancer

Chance the Rapper is doing his part to raise awareness of breast cancer after losing his aunt, Kimberly Bennett who passed away on May 7. Though he’s currently on tour, the rapper took to Twitter to share his aunt’s powerful and important message.“My Auntie Kim lost her battle with Breast Cancer early Sunday morning. She was a warrior and wanted me to share...

TLC's Chilli On Black Lives Matter: "All Lives Matter"

It’s 2017 and the latest person to hop on the “all lives matter" train is none other than TLC’s Chilli. While promoting their upcoming album in an interview with Channel 4 News, TLC was asked about what it’s like being a black woman in Trump’s America. When asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, Chilli responded: “ I think All Lives...

Why It's Time To Give Princess Nokia Her Roses

When you hear the words “NY is bringing hip-hop back,” who are the first artists that come to mind? Dave East? ASAP Ferg? Don Q? What about Princess Nokia?Hailing from the Eastside of Harlem is a 24-year old Afro Latina by the name of Princess Nokia, who is tackling a male dominated genre head-on. The creative has been on the scene since 2010, switching her style up along...