There are a select group of internet memes that will go down in pop culture history. There's the OMG Wow! meme, SpongeBob meme after SpongeBob meme and there is, of course, the ever-classic Confused Nick Young meme.

You know the one: Nick Young — aka Swaggy P — breaks the fourth wall The Office-style, looking confused AF. Once someone added three question marks to the gif, it was a wrap and history was made. 

Due to the super fast, viral nature of the internet, it's easy for people to latch onto a meme without knowing its origins. That's why Black Twitter Meme History exists. And just in time for Mother's Day, All Def Digital put in the work to uncover the source of the Confused Nick Young face meme.

In the newly unearthed video, Young's mother recalls how Young became the athlete he is today. She says Young would play around a nearby park with local pro athletes, and they would say, "If that boy ever takes it seriously, he'll be great."

After being reminded of that, Young's mother hits him with the ultimate roast, "But he was a clown, then."

Cue Confused Nick Young face. 

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The video drew a lot of different reactions. Some people were surprised to learn the man in the video is none other than Golden State's Nick Young, while other wondered just who Nick Young is.

In typical internet fashion, people responded to this meme with other dope memes; memeception at its best. This culminated into yet another origin story revelation for someone who didn't know the source of another popular meme:


Shout-out to Wee-bey. 

I've never seen the original video either! ????????????
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And if you don't know, now ya know!