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8 Habits Of Highly Successful People

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Many people constantly dream of success. Whether it’s landing a new job, starting a business or becoming the best version of ourselves, bettering your habits plays a major role. Most people can name someone who is successful but few understand how they got there. Did you know our subconscious activities make up 40 percent of our work hours? This means the things we do out of habit contribute as much to our lives as the things we do to maintain our regular everyday work lives. After studying the habits of many successful, investors, gurus, community leaders and all-around amazing people, I have constructed a list of the eight habits of successful people. 

1. Live Within Your Means 

One of the first and most important habits successful people use to create wealth and stay wealthy is living within their means. For each of us, this can mean different things but we can outline a few suggestions. 

  • Always pay yourself first. A good habit to develop is to save 20 percent of your income and live off of 80 percent. Then prevents you from overspending by taking your money out of play. 

  • Spend no more than 15 percent on food and 5 percent on auto loans. Most wealthy people drive their cars until repairs can no longer be provided. 

  • Stay away from growing credit card debts, if your debt is growing, it’s a sign to cut back. 

  • Contribute as much as you can to your retirement plan. Always take full advantage of your companies match. 

2. Read Daily 

  • Highly successful people spend 30 minutes or more every day reading. The more information you have the more valuable you become. 

  • 60 percent percent of highly successful people listen to audio books and podcast during their daily commutes.

  • 90 percent catch up on current events.

  • 56 percent focus on personal development.

3. Set Goals 

Almost all successful people set goals for themselves. They create timelines to complete these goals as well as monitor their progress towards doing so. Setting goals allows us to focus our thoughts on completing the task at hand while spending less time brainstorming. 

4. Get A Mentor 

We can all admit that not one of us knows everything there is to know about a specific subject. However, would it not be great to learn from people who have accomplished the things we wish to achieve? Having a mentor helps keep us grounded as well as focused on success. A mentor can help us avoid the pitfalls by sharing wisdom and experience. They also help us cut our learning curve in half. 

5. Spend more time listening 

Successful people tend to be amazing communicators because they are great listeners. The more we develop our listening skills, the more we can contribute to our relationships. No one wants to invest time and energy in a person who can only talk about themselves. 

6. Never Stop Networking and Volunteering 

Highly successful people are consistently networking and volunteering in their communities a minimum of five hours a month. People who volunteer their time have a clearer outlook and appreciation for life. They also tend to meet other people with similar interest. One of the key components of building fruitful relationships is having a common interest. More often than not, many volunteer organizations are made up of wealthy and successful people. Developing these relationships will lead to better opportunities in the future. 

7. Don’t Give Up 

Any successful person can tell you about a time when life totally sucked. They either weren’t accomplishing their goal on time or had to scrap a goal and start all over. This is OK and happens all the time. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished with a little patience and persistence. Understand what you want, see it happening and follow through. 

8. Avoid toxic people 

One of the most important habits on this list is not something we can do but who we can avoid. Successful people spend their time with successful people. You should constantly evaluate your relationships in order to determine if they are either prosperous relationships (people who can help build you up) or burdening relationships (people who hold you back). It is important to spend more energy or growing your prosperous relationships, which can lead to new opportunities. 

As you can see, there are many different habits that can contribute to success in our everyday lives. Some make take more time to develop and other we can start implanting in our everyday routine. Make it a goal to implement these eight habits into your life and see the difference they can make. 

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Rick Hoskins is a respected financial advisor with Edward Jones, and the former V.P. of Wealth Management for HSBC International Bank. His office partners with clients to develop tailored financial plans to meet a variety of financial goals. Whether you are a business owner or someone looking to build and protect wealth, Rick Hoskins is passionate about assisting your financial planning and educating our communities. He can be reached at edwardjones.com/rick-hoskins.
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