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whoisrashade Rasheed Davis


Black AF. Guncle, writer, activist, educator and mentor. Breaking boundaries and binaries. #fatandboujee

whoisrashade's posts

How The Eagles' Historic Super Bowl Win Projected White Privilege In Philly

Fireworks and street gatherings set off the monumental first-ever Eagles win of the 52nd annual Super Bowl. Though the parade was rumored to be set for Thursday, the citizens of Philadelphia gathered in Center City to express the overwhelming joy of the Birds historic win. But a night of fun to some, looked like a night of violence to me.But there is something we must take heed to. It...

Here's Why You Need To Remember That Black Lesbians Are Victims Too

LBGT, a common initialism used by many to sum up the entire queer and trans community. However, the first letter of the abbreviation is often overlooked. "L," or Lesbian.Lesbians are often thought of in two different extremes. The first: as the overly masculine misgendered "dike" that you can "miss the gay shit" with. The other: an overly fetishized...