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whoisrashade Rasheed Ajamu


Black AF. Guncle, writer, activist, educator and mentor. Breaking boundaries and binaries. #fatandboujee

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How The Heteronormative Narrative Keeps 'Black Love' From Reaching Its Full Potential

Yesterday, I made a comment about how I wasn't too keen on the show Black Love because of it's hetero and cis-normative-ness. I also added that I want to see genderqueer/non-binary persons, trans folx and people involved in polygamous relationships.A lot of ppl are head over heels for that ‘Black Love’ show. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s just...

Why People Should Stop Asking Me If I'm Going To Watch 'Love, Simon'

White Hollywood has found it's LGBTQ+ poster child movie in Love, Simon. It is a new movie that tells a story of a white high school kid who is trying to come out to his family and peers. And while that coming-of-age plot may be appealing to some, I am not interested in seeing it and I wish straight people would stop asking me if I am going to see it just because I'm...