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Afrotech 2016
2016 Afrotech recap

How often do you find yourself in a room full of young black founders and entrepreneurs sharing their stories, roadblocks and successes? Exactly. That’s why we captured it all for you to experience. AfroTech is the first of its kind, starting conversations with founders, techies and employees of the fastest-growing tech startups.

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Videos From Afrotech

Startup Survival: Building a Small Business from the Ground Up

What is one thing you would do differently?

How can we get more funding to go to black and latino founders?

Life After A Milly: What was your first investor conversation like?

AMA with Michael Siebel, CEO of Y Combinator

AMA with Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest

Lightning Talk with Jessica O. Matthews

Lightning Talk With Cedric Rogers

Lightning Talk With Zim Ugochukwu

Lightning Talk With Jason Mayden

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