Although we’ve been told that Black Lightning is not a part of the Arrowverse, (the other DC Comics shows on the The CW) at least for the meantime, a bit of information revealed in this week’s episode has minds wondering.

In this week’s episode, as she comes into realizing she has super powers, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) learns that her father Jefferson (Cress Williams) is Black Lightning and sister Anissa (Nafessa Williams) has newly-found superpowers as Thunder.

When her mother Lynn (Christine Adams) comes to comfort her, Jennifer sarcastically asks her if she is Vixen or Supergirl, two DC superheroines that appear in the Arrowverse.

So, does this mean that Black Lightning is a part of that continuity? We do know that metahumans exist in the Black Lightning universe, and there has been mention of other unnamed superheros (read: white) that have been acclaimed by their communities while Black Lightning has been called a vigilante.

This also isn’t the first mention of other DC properties. In a comic book store, Grace (Chantal Thuy) had a comic book referencing the Outsiders, a team in DC Comics which Grace and Anissa would become a part of. This led most viewers to think that Freeland may exist in a world where these superheroes are just comic book characters.

But again, the mentioning of Supergirl and Vixen, especially Jennifer’s response when she thought her mother actually could be a metahuman too, is definitely worth considering.

Even if all of this mean the show would be a part of this universe, we wouldn’t know if Freeland is on Earth-1 (where Supergirl exists) or Earth-38 (where everyone else exists).

So, while this could mean that Black Lightning exists on Earth-1 or Earth-38, this could be mentioning these DC Comics characters as nods to their comic pals.

What do you think?