A near-perfect way to end the week and begin a new weekend!

Masterfully put together by The Hood Internet Youtube channel, the 4-minute video summarizes 40 years of hip hop, with over 150 tracks from more than 100 artists over that time period. It’s not a chronological history of hip hop as you will see. But the mix includes many of the most influential and celebrated artists of all time “from different eras finishing each other’s rhymes over intersecting beats, all woven together to make one song,” as the producers of the piece state.

Hip hop heads like myself will have fun watching it while also trying to identify every single artist and track included in this singular compilation. It’s obviously missing a few icons – for example, I didn’t see any Public Enemy or Boogie Down Productions for example. But it’s still fun to watch! Maybe there’s be a part 2.

Without further ado, The Hood Internet presents “40 Years of Hip-Hop.”