Election Day is just around the corner, and it's crucial to make sure you're knowledgeable on what you're voting before you show up to the polls. 

That's why we created a voter guide that does everything from highlighting Black candidates that are running this midterm election to issues that are important to our community like prison reform. 

Here's our comprehensive guide which includes links to stories we and others have published that can help you to understand better the candidates and the issues they're advocating for as well as other vital information before you head to the polls on Tuesday:

Candidates to Watch:


Stacey Abrams (D-Georgia)

Andrew Gillum (D-Florida)

Ben Jealous (D-Maryland)

Lieutenant Governors:

Mandela Barnes (D-Wisconsin)

Juliana Stratton (D-Illinois)

Attorney General: 

Sean Shaw (D-Florida)

Kwame Raoul (D-Illinois)

Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota)

Aaron  Ford (D-Nevada)

Letitia James (D-New York)

Mark Myles (D-Oklahoma)

Karl Racine (D-Washington, D.C.)

Congressional races: 

Jeramey Anderson, Mississippi, District 4

Colin Allred, Texas, Congressional District 32

Adrienne Bell, Texas, Congressional District 14

Linda Coleman, North Carolina, Congressional District 2

Erica Crawley, Ohio, Congressional District 26

Tavia Galonski, Ohio, Congressional District 35

Johana Hayes, Connecticut, Congressional District 5

Shelly Hutchinson, Georgia, Congressional District 107

Lucy McBath, Georgia, Congressional District 6

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota, Congressional District 5

Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts, Congressional District 7

Stephany Rose Spaulding, Colorado, Congressional District 5

Lauren Underwood, Illinois, Congressional District 14

Vangie Williams, Virginia, Congressional District 1

Senate races: 

Mike Espy (D-Mississippi)

Secretary of State races:

Gwen Collins-Greenup (D-Louisiana)

Deirdre Dejear (D-Iowa)

James Byrd Jr. (D-Wyoming)

Melvin Whittenberg (D-South Carolina)

Now that you’re more familiar with which candidates to watch closely, we’ve also prepared a more extensive guide and breakdown of other essential items to note as you scan your ballot. Still not feeling the whole “voting” thing? Curious about the issues on the ballot? Or want to be more convinced your voice is represented? We’ve got you covered.

Need help getting your friends out to vote? Not sure for which candidate to vote? Or just feeling blah about elections overall? These pieces can help:

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Know which states are prioritizing the issues that may matter most to you:

These States Have Marijuana On The Ballot

Amendment 4 could restore voting rights to 1.4 million people by restoring voting rights to some  formerly incarcerated people

Students managed to make prison reform a major priority in Ohio

And if none of the above matter to you, consider these other reasons you might want to cast your vote.

Georgia could potentially vote in a Black superintendent. Learn about his plans for the education system.

These candidates are heating up the competition this midterm election:

Here’s What 2019 Could Look Like With Three Black Governors

These 7 states could potentially elect Black attorney generals

And these 3 states might gain Black secretaries of state

Ayanna Pressley could become Massachusetts’ first black woman in Congress

The youngest person to be elected to Mississippi’s state legislature at 22, is now 27, and hoping represent Mississippi's 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House.

Wanna know who your faves are supporting?

Here’s a list of the 200 Democratic candidates President Obama endorsed.

Oprah took a trip to Georgia and canvassed door-to-door in support of Stacey Abrams. Yes, Oprah.

Still want more information?

This 107-year-old plans to cast her ballot. If she can, you can too.

There are also some folks who simply cannot exercise their right to vote due to unfair voter laws. You can.

Also, check out this quick video on why midterms matter -- and click the image below to sign up for our newsletter and stay engaged!  

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